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PLEASE NOTE: Keith does not repair glass.

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If you are looking for Keith Walker's teaching studio for beginner glass blowing classes or custom awards, visit Blow In The Dark Glassworks.

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Keith does not do glass repairs or donate works beyond a select group of projects. If you are interested in event partnerships, see below.

Interested in an Event Partnership?

As a self-employed hot glass artist, Keith Walker is not able to donate to events or causes beyond a small group he’s already established. However, Keith is happy to partner with you to enhance your creative event with hand-blown hot glass.

In essence, you will partner with Keith on a consignment basis and he will select and display appropriate work for your event. You will split the sales at a mutually-beneficial and agreed-upon percentage.

Keith’s work can add vibrant colour, energy and local flavour to your next event and comes with no upfront cost to you.