Keith Walker creates with hot glass in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I wish to create pieces that command a real presence to the viewer and evoke personality, I continue to challenge myself with the technical complexities of glass and explore glass as an installation medium.
— Keith Walker

Classically trained in the art of glassblowing, Keith Walker’s glass practice began at Glass Happens Studio in Edmonton, AB. Since then, further experience was gained by volunteering at the Pilchuck Glass School (Washington); attending a summer course at the Pittsburgh Glass Centre and collaborating with other local artists on various projects. 

Keith has had the opportunity to be included in group showings of new work and also held solo displays of glasswork; The Alberta Craft Council in Edmonton mainly represents him.

Gaining an interest in the Alberta Art Community Keith participated on The Alberta Foundation for the Arts Jury for Feb 2012 Individual Artist Project Grants and also returned in the summer for The Queens Jubilee Scholarship Jury.

His work has always had a strong emphasis on form and has been heavily rooted in the sculptural non-functional path.

Keith has a series of work on display at the newly renovated Edmonton International Airport, a permanent public art installation located at The Central Lions Seniors Recreation Centre in Edmonton, an installation at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton, a outdoor permanent glass installation along Capital Boulevard in downtown Edmonton and most recently a permanent low-relief sculptural composition at Fort Saskatchewan City Hall. He also has a selection of artwork acquired by The Alberta Foundation for the Arts for their Permanent Collection.

Keith continues to work out of his private studio, Blow In The Dark Glassworks, in the heart of the inner city of Edmonton where he creates glass sculptures and functional art pieces for private clients and galleries, designs and creates awards for local organizations, teaches beginner glassblowing classes and works on large scale public art projects.


Walker In His Own Words

“I have remained enthusiastic about working with hot glass, this is easily done considering its versatility with form and its complexity in colour.

With glass I continue to strive for some sort of completion or resolve in a particular series but I find this rarely happens. More often than not, I find myself merely expanding on the series that I started out to create and this seems to lead me to a new series or approach with my work. 

An unquenchable thirst or an elusive prey, glass keeps me humble as I attempt to manipulate it into shape.

I prefer to work along a “non functional” sculptural path and attempt to offer the viewer a glimpse into my imagination or simply create a uniquely textured and colourful object which somehow resonates with them.

I place a responsibility on myself with this skill based art-form, that I must push the boundaries of the medium and never stop exploring new ideas and techniques”.