Commissions Process

Creating a custom work in hot glass follows a similar process to most projects. Just with a lot more heat.

Phase 1: Consultation Phase

Your project begins with a consultation. You tell Keith Walker your project needs and budget and share any ideas you have about form, function, scale, colour or materials.

With his extensive knowledge of hot glass, Keith offers suggestions to help your project succeed–from the best materials to budget considerations. 

After this initial consultation, Keith Walker returns with a project proposal and budget. You provide the agreed upon deposit and sign any necessary documents to move the process forward. 

Now the real fun begins.

Phase 2: Design Phase

It is time to realize your blown glass project. First, sketches are prepared and designs are refined in a dialogue between Keith Walker and yourself. Once a design is approved, the project moves into production.

Changes in design after this phase will incur additional costs, so care is taken to get this phase right the first time. 

It's go time!

Phase 3: Production Phase

Keith Walker now toils away in his studio. Facing intense temperatures and battling an unforgiving medium, Walker emerges with your project, ready to cool and receive its finishing touches. 

Phase 4: Delivery Phase

On time and on budget, your project is delivered according to the agreements made way back in Phase 1.

Remember Phase 1, when all of this was a dream? Now you hold the finished piece in your hands. It is very real, and you are very happy.

The docket is closed, payment is made and you are ready to parade your new custom glass piece for family, friends or clients. A celebratory beer may be shared.

Ready to Begin?

The process begins with a connection. You can connect with Keith Walker about your project here.